Corn Tortilla Chips

  • Yellow, White, or Blue corn
  • Many shapes available: Traditional triangle, Round, Hogback Triangle, Strips
  • Salted or Seasoned

Specialty Tortilla Chips

  • Specialty ingredients include: Kale, Spinach, Sweet Potato, Beet, Peppers, Quinoa, Flax, Chia, Beans, Multi-grains, Ancient grains, Sprouted grains, and much more
  • Salted or Seasoned

Corn Chips

  • Salted or seasoned national brand equivalent
  • Traditional ribbon shape, or larger wavy “scoop” shape

Pellet Snacks

  • NBE Veggie chips and Straws, NBE Onion rings, NBE Corn cones
  • Quinoa chips, Potato chips, Lentil chips, Sweet Potato chips
  • Salted or Seasoned


  • Commercial/Industrial Components
  • Uses: Snack mixes, Salad toppers, Pre-packaged meals
  • Packaged in FFS bags or bulk boxes
  • Mini tortilla chips: Round, Triangle, Rectangle
  • Pellet items: Veggie chips, Corn cones, Mini-onion rings, Other