Product Development

Please consider the following when contacting us about R&D services:

  • We are a high volume manufacturer and provide FOB turn-key or toll-based pricing.
  • Minimum purchase order is one full truckload, or approximately 12,000 pounds / 30 pallets of finished product.
  • The minimum order per SKU for tortilla chips or corn chips is 6,000 pounds / 15 pallets of finished goods. MOQ for pellet snacks is 8 pallets per sku.
  • Payment Terms: Net 15 days from date of pick up, with approved credit.  COD is preferred on first order.
  • Standard lead time for most items is 14 days. Lead times may be longer from December 1 through the end of January.
  • Festida Foods packages product in printed, flexible form-fill seal film with individual bag weights ranging from 1 ounce to 30 ounces.
  • All product shipped from Festida must be picked up in full load or LTL quantities with a minimum shipment of 1 pallet. Festida does not ship partial pallets or individual boxes as part of a retail sales program.
  • If specialized ingredients are required, they must be registered kosher, and be gluten-free.
  • Our facility is gluten, peanut and tree-nut free.

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Inquiries should only be for those looking for product development and co-packing services.

Get Started with Us

Festida Foods will work with existing customers to develop new products or improve existing products.

Samples will be produced using an agreed upon formula in batches of 400 lbs. Finished product from these batches will vary based on adjustments, performance of the equipment, and scrap.

R&D services are $600 per hour for line time and labor to set up the equipment, produce samples, and then clean the line as required. Additionally, customer will be invoiced for all raw materials and packaging at Festida’s delivered prices. A typical sample run requires 1.5 to 2 hours of time.