The Festida Cares Team enjoyed spending time at the Kids Food Basket Farm this week.  The KFB farm is a supplemental way of getting more Veggies out to the Kiddos in our Community.  The farm sits on nine acres; of which only seven acres are currently being harvested.  Aside from the Green Beans we picked, they also grow Watermelon, Snap Peas, Pumpkins and Tomatoes (with Tomatillos and Peppers planned for the near future).  These crops will help continue the nutritional goals that Kids Food Basket strives for; serving 8,000 children daily (and growing).

We were able to catch a glimpse of the NEW facility while we were; as they just became operable this week.  There is an Open House on OCT 3 for all past/future volunteers to come and tour the inside of this brand new 27,000 sq. ft facility.  This event may be fun to attend; to see where the Festida Cares Team will be packing suppers in the future.

Enjoy our pix from Down on the Farm! 😊